Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Things on Tap

I won some expensive shoes thanks to the kind folks at SIDI. Hopefully I will make the top 10 submissions and then my faithful blog following will help me win the grand prize. Second, do not think my lack of frequent blog posting has meant I have not been on the bike. I have... and its nearly time for a Colin R style obligitory March Cycling Blog Post. Look for that shortly.
Third, this weekend is the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show in Richmond, VA. Lauren's family only lives an hour or so away so I will be loading up the car and heading down there for some 50 degree days and some sweet bikes.
Third point fifth. I will be racing road on this this year. Finally got some tubies for the Rev 50x wheels.
Forth, sponsors. I am on Philadelphia Ciclismo this season and we were able to procure ResolveStar (web based legal invoicing) and Honey Stinger (nutrition sponsor) has moved up from my personal sponsor to team sponsor.. We have a few things in the works, so keep your eyes open.
Lastly Beer. I have been drinking some good offerings. Rumor is Pliny the Younger is coming to town. If there are any breweries out there that would like to be a team sponsor, please contact us.

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Colin R said...

Yes! Spread the gospel of the March training post!

I should probably clean the mud off my cx/road bike and think about riding it pretty soon.