Monday, February 1, 2010

"A Deposit in the Bank"

While growing up in ‘sort of upstate’ New York, I learned to tolerate the cold. I never trained as a cyclist through the winters there (I was a runner throughout high school) but still I think it has a lot to do with the fact I would rather ride outside when its 20 degrees than ride the trainer. Through the years I have acquired enough cycling specific clothing to make such a ride tolerable. In January I went out for a 3 hour ride while successfully navigating through the mire than is getting a mortgage, sending no less than a dozen emails to my bank from my blackberry, while riding in zone 2. I realize that this last paragraph has been one large string of tangents, but we’ll get there I promise.
The original plan was to take my mountain bike out and put some time in breaking my fork back in. Literally dressed to go polishing off the last few sips of coffee and letting the 2 different types of embrocation (yes under my tights) sink in, an email appears from the SE PA United List Serve. The Cadence group ride is still on. What a wonderful conundrum. It’s 18 degrees out, road riding in sub 25 degree weather is downright painful. Riding 3 hours by myself at VF was going to be pretty boring. I ditched the mtb for the guarantee of 3+ hours of time. Descending down Devon State road on route to the park and bike path was a dreadful experience. The air stung so bad I found myself breaking hard to minimize the wind chill on a hill I usually bomb. The cold air whipped through all of my layers of clothing evoking a feeling of nausea.
I intersected with a rather large group on the bike path, to my shock 18 other guys were out for the day. You come to the realization its cold out when even behind a large group, sitting well behind the draft, it’s still freezing. 30 minutes into the day my bottles, made with hot water and drink mix, were both frozen solid.
We made it to the first hot spot, a 5 minute effort that started with a steep pronounced hill, a short false flat, then a steep hill again followed by 2 or 3 minutes of pace line madness. The speeds on the climb got fast enough my fingers, buried in my lobster mitt gloves, and face, hidden behind my balaclava, both went numb.
2 hours later we arrived back at Cadence for a coffee stop. After the purchase of an additional layer… I departed for Devon. Not drinking, or eating anything other than 1 Honey Stinger Gel and Bar, ½ a bottle of cyto, and a cup of coffee left me pretty shelled. Lauren busted out her best sandwich making skills and came though with the post ride meal hookup.

Sunday was nearly the complete opposite of Saturday. O hours bike time, 8 Hours food and beverage time.
Stop 1: Russian River Brunch at Teresa for Supplication, Consecration, Temptation.
Stop 2: Ron’s Original (School House) for Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.
Stop 3: Victory Brewery: Braumeister Pils
Stop 4: The Beer Yard: Hop Slam, Some goodies from Matt, and a Lagunitas mix case.
Stop 5: My condo for a growler of Sculpin, and a Troegs Scratch #26?
Stop 6: Staring at the inside of my eyelids for 8 hours.


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Joey said...

I must be one of the few people that is not bothered by sub 20 temps. But at least you and I agree on one thing. Trainer is far worse then a frosty ride.