Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanks for nothing, Crank Brothers.

Two rest days in a row, time to get down to some maintenance. Before I go any further or get sued for liable/ slander (I can never remember which is which), 90% of what happened here is my fault. Behold the bottom of my Sidi Dominator 5 shoe. Behold the worn out Crank Brothers cleat. Behold the 4mm hex bolt that just wont let go. Irony that a number 4 wont let go?

Usually these will come out with a good grip, some oil, and some luck. Perhaps I wasnt as patient due to spending the previous 1.5 hrs taking glue off my tubular wheels, either way I managed to round the bolt head in less than 3 seconds. Heres to the 10% thats not my fault.
1) they make these bolts out of the softest steel they can find.
2) they round the bottom of the head so that a flat allen key doesn't quite fit flush with the bottom of the bolt leaving a very short head/interface for the wrench.

The other 90% is on me, for I cannot remember the last time I serviced these. I do remember submerging them in muck nearly every other cross race last season though. It was so bad I had to take it to the local shop to have it slotted with a dremel. That didn't even work and we eventually resorted to grinding the bolt down, and spinning the plate around so I could mount new cleats in the top two holes still. oops.


Joey said...

Dude, I or any half decent machinist could get that out for you. Skip the bike shop next time and call me up.

Joey said...

Or Jamie Harris. He has an entire machine shop in his basement. And lots of beer. Just sayin...