Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breaking Down Why You Really Should Race The Trans-Sylvania Epic

Lets check this thing out: Linkage!

Race Format:
Facts: Its a mountain bike stage race. Think BC Bike Race or Breck Epic. So far you are looking 7 days of racing in 1 Prologue, 5 longish XC stages of 25 to 40 miles, and 1 day of Super D racing.
My take: This is awesome. Stages long enough not to be full out XC races, you get to pretend to be a Protour stage racer for a week, and best of all, you get to do it on a bike that makes things fun even when you are getting your ass kicked. Good trails are fun regardless of how slow you go. And if you check out the stage listings... these arent just good trails, they're sick ones.

As seen here.
Facts: Solo: Men, Women, Men 40+, Men 50+, Singlespeed Men
Duo: Men Open, Women Open, Mixed Open, Men 80+, Men 100+, Mixed 80+, Singlespeed
Team: There are two divisions here: Open and Corporate
My Take: Something for everyone. I am torn on doing the solo, or scamming one of the dudes from my team to ride a Duo with me.
The Open Team concept is pretty cool, from what I understand you only need 3 riders to finish a given stage regardless of how many you start. This would allow you to have a team of say 6, and rest riders on certain days, etc. It also allows for riders who dont think they could handle the entire 7 days to race the event, but not every stage.

Facts: Mike Kuhn and Ray Adams. All around nice dudes. Promoters of a few key MASS events that I have raced in, and founders of the mtb team.
My Take: Every event I have ever been to that Mike put on rocked. The Stage race from 2008, the 2009 Festival (also a Dirtrag World Tour stop), "The Relay", Iron Cross, all great events, well run with great vibes. Both of these guys have taken part in "Epic" style races in the last season in an attempt to take notes and get ideas on how to make the TSE rock. Mike is also currently my coach. Both Ray and Mike have always been down to earth and professional in my dealings with either. If anybody can make a first year event like this go, its these guys.


Facts: Starts Memorial Day weekend 2010. 5/29 to 6/5.
My Take: This is a big deal for me, June is a pretty nice month here in PA. The date is early enough in the season that fitness benefit from the race might give you some help later in the season.
Best of all most businesses provide you with Monday off. Even mine that only recognizes 6 holidays a year... meaning you only have to take 4 days off to race your bike for 7 days!

Facts: $849 American dollars to race 7 times. You can camp for the week for $100 in indoor lodging. They'll feed you a few times a day for an extra $250. Transport to the remote stages is available as well.
My Take: Holy Beejesus Bat Man, $849 to do a bike race??? yeah thats what I initially said too. Those same exact words actually. Then I let the analytical part of my brain take over and I broke it down. $121 a day to race. Price per mile of racing equates to $3.84. Those are MTB miles too, lets do some comparison shopping.

One day races are obviously a bit less complex to run, so lets compare apples to apples.
Breck Epic Solo 6 days: $995: $4.87 a mile!
BC Bike Race: Solo, 7 Days, $1980 a person. $7.30 a mile!!!
Looks like the price isn't so crazy after all, in fact it looks pretty good for the type of event.

All that being said, I am excited for the event and am making it a target for my 2010 season. I hope to see you out there and am excited to take part in something different than your typical go kill yourself for 2 hours XC race. Much Much more to come on this later.


Colin R said...

I had initially dismissed this entirely due to price, but you might be onto something...

The GreenSpeed Project said...

From experience, these races are really, really , really expensive to produce. Nobody's getting rich here. $895 is a helluva deal.

Chris said...

Tour de Burg..