Monday, January 25, 2010

Base 1.

Base period is the time of year where you do long hours in attempt to build a foundation of endurance and fitness for the rest of the season. Unfortunately for those of us in the Mid Atlantic, the days are still short, the weather nice during office hours, and inconsistent when able to get outside. Take today for example. It’s 60 outside. Sweet right? Wait, its pouring with gusting winds reminiscent of March.
I got in three, four hour plus rides in last week, add some mid week Cadence TV classes and drills and training totaled up to over 17 hours.
Saturday was lesson in climbing with Mr. Joey Bruce. Sunday included a slightly soggy coffee ride with Lauren to Steel City in Phoenixville.

I was hoping to be able to do some mountain biking, but my Fox Fork has not come back from PUSH yet to fix the slight but threatening oil leak on the damper side leg. More on that later...
The one plus to base period is that you burn 3000+ calories a click. When you get done, you can eat mussels and drink beer. Like this beer.

Some power files for the geeks.
Saturday here
Sunday here

Oh forgot something else for the geeks: saw this over at Its a pretty cool concept.

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Joey said...

Mr. Joey Bruce? What did I do to get "Mr." attached to my name. That prefix is usually reserved for when I do something wrong.