Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is my end of the season post. I actually look back on throughout the year to remind myself that I don't suck. These posts are useful after a horrible race, injury, illness, or anything else that tugs you down at any point during a season. I get a sense of accomplishment looking at all the places I have peddled around. For somebody who is not me, well there are some data points for relative comparison, some stories, and probably some of me making fun of myself. Onward.

~500 hours in 253 rides.
Over 45 hours coasting!!! 0 to 10 w power output!
~300,000 kj of work (roughly calories burned)
~5 days spent at or above Threshold pace.
Toes Placed on Starting Lines:
MTB: 10, Road: 7, Cross: 10
Category Upgrades: Road: 4 to 3, Cross: 4 to 3 to 2

Bright Spots:
Visit PA 9 Hour: I decided to do a 9 hour race 3 days before the race. I showed up and got 4th. I rode flat consistent laps and completely surprised myself. 8 hours 54 minutes of awesome. Also filed under best race course ever. Kuhn knows how to put on an event.
Mt Nebo: Hard. Most TSS of a road race all season (save Battenkill which was 2x as long). Also filed under "dont draft climbers on descents as they cause gaps, or " I can win bunch sprints as long as they are on an 9% grade")
Granogue: 41 degrees and rain. To further abuse an overused word, it was epic. Legs felt nothing, bike was flying though the mud, and my 'inner high school track star' remembered how to run everything it had to. I won a 3 up sprint for 2nd too.
Honeymoon in Asheville, NC: Really should be first on the list. I married
this person. We bought our condo about a month before getting married leaving us with somewhere in the area of 42 cents to go on a honeymoon. What did we do? Flee to the south where the cost of living is 1/2 of what it is here. 3 dollar micro brews, cheap, new hotel rooms the size of our condo, 13 mile climbs @ 8%. Lauren loved everything but the last part.

Temper Tantrums:
Bear Creek: Still my least fav place to race, but it looks as if there is a MASS race and a Kenda CUP there next season... great. 2x to make the 'rant' section of this blog.
Oxford RR: Although riding in horse manure was kind of Belgian and thus cool, causing a crash wasn't. Dead legs were also not so fun. To add insult to injury I finished 1 place out of the money, and missed my upgrade by 1 point.
Fair Hill: The start of the end of my cross season due to my antibiotic induced back injury. The course was great, but this was the most vulnerable I felt on a bike all season. Ironically followed by a win at Spring Mount the very next day. Fickle.

Goals: Met of Failed.
MET: Make Cat 3 Road. Took long enough but it happened via a string of double road/ mtb weekends and attrition.
FAIL: Not get crushed at Windham and Mt Snow: I passed on Mt Snow, and at Windham I was admitted a bit over my head. I also got beat by guys I was beating locally all season. Not my best day and a poor use of a peak.
MET: Race cyclocross and have fun. Cross rules. Had a blast, and ended up going pretty fast while having fun.

Arguably the best part of this season were the amount of really cool/nice people I met. I made more friends the last season than I have in last 5.
I have also found a new team for 2010. I will be riding for Philadelphia Ciclismo. Never have I met a more like minded group of guys, and I'm truly pumped to be riding with them next season.

Thanks to everyone who made this season what it was, my family, wife, coach(s), sponsors, and friends. I appreciate the support, bottle handups, beds loaned, hours of listening to me complain about various things, the car ride home race recaps dealt out, etc. I truly love the sport of cycling and a lot of it is because of the people I share it with.
I look forward to the holidays, some nice long long rides in the following weeks to come. Thanks for reading.

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Adam Roth said...

Mike, great work this year. I started reading your blog last winter to get motivated for the 2009 MTB season. You'll crush it in 2010.