Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things that do not suck.

Cyclocross has really grown on me this year and press releases like Linkthis one help cement its awesomeness.
I know the article is like 4 or 5 paragraphs so I'll break it down.
1) 2 Days of racing.
2) the Hamptons
3) A Richard Sachs frame Raffle (there is currently an 8 (EIGHT) year wait for his bikes).
4) CX-araoke (people trying to sign bad songs while you race)
5) Waffles & Dinges waffle truck: they have a Bacon Waffle described as "legalized crack"
6) Red Bull and Honest Tea samples. mmm 'Cafination' to go with embrocation.
7) Pre Registered Racers get free beer (a pint too, not some 4 oz dixie cup).
7a) The beer is from Southampton Publick House.
7b) The Southampton Brewery which is 3 miles away and the main reason Lauren agreed to drive with me all the way out to Strong Island... will surely be the post race hangout
7c) The Brewery is offering s $25 Pre Fix menu for all racers.

All races should be like this. Mtb Racing tried, but just doesnt have the numbers, plus the 30 minute laps really kill the spectator vibe. Don't even get me started at the vibe, or lack there of at road races... twilight crits are a different story, but proper road races... pfft. Cross > all.

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