Monday, November 30, 2009

Sprinting For the Sake of Not Being Eaten.

Post Hamptons included a 520 mile drive to Lauren's family in Virginia. Worth it though since I drove mostly at night and didn’t have to deal with any of the 3 bazillion people who used the day before Thanksgiving. With only one race left in my cross season, I am starting to shut it down. I had some nice chill longer rides planned to burn off the 7000 calorie days Thanksgiving usually produces. Base miles are boring unless you crash, freeze to death, or some stupidly epic condition ensues. Base miles in Virginia usually include confederate flags (no pictures, I’m to afraid to stop long enough to take one), flat windy roads, and getting chased by rabid untied dogs. I do this one ride from Lauren’s parents house that’s about 55 miles. It’s a big square, you ride 13 miles and turn left, then repeat until you are back home. There is a spot on US Rt 1 right as Virginia turns to North Carolina where Cujo lives. Here is an artists rendition.

As previously reported. Cujo runs at like 35 mph. For as big and seemly cumbersome as the thing is it clearly found its owners meth lab because this thing is hopped up. While rolling down Rt 1 I decided the nice back road to the right of me would be a good spot for a nature break. I slowed to maybe 10 mph and prepared to turn and then I saw Cujo’s bride right in front of me… perhaps not the best place or time to stop. Well Cujette sounded the alarm and started barking. This alerted Cujo of my presence and he started doing his best Usain Bolt to try and come eat me. He did a wonderful job blocking my path as I wound up for the sprint. I was forced off the road onto the grass at around 20-22 mph while Cujo did his best Tanya Harding at my left leg. A quick slide and bunny hop later and I was back on the pavement and sprinting to a season high 10 second power. I would win a lot more sprints if I would just pretend dogs were behind me. Best part was there was a car behind me that got to view & laugh at the entire thing.

The best part of Virgina is that it affords some nice opportunities to ride with Lauren. It also provides some nice opportunities to sneak in workouts on Lauren as the lack of hills and her lack of a power meter hide the expended effort a bit. Keeping with the dog theme, we have developed a simple strategy to keep from being eaten while on rides. When an impromptu race of man vs. K9 is imminent, Lauren, usually in the tail gunner spot, will come around me and start her sprint on the non dog side. I will intentionally lay up and sit back to ‘bait” the dog as they usually go for the slower of two objects. When either Lauren has a good gap, or I am about to get eaten, whichever occurs first I wind it up. Leash laws… please come to Ebony, VA.
Lauren Looking PRO...
My Legs after My Thanksgiving 'Mountain Biking with out a Mountain Bike or Trails Ride' ala Dirt Road Spray Tan.

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