Monday, November 23, 2009

MAC Whitmore (Southampton) Race Report(s)

I titled this post 'race reports' like I always do, but this weekend was really a giant party with a couple of races interspersed. MAC took the quest to extend my season a bit farther all the way out to The Hampton area of Long Island. Like the rest of cross season I have been taking my racing week by week, deciding to do this on like Tuesday. I scored a great hotel which I will not name because there are only 8 units and the price was lower than anything else I saw. Alright its called The Easterner, it was a great spot, check it out. On to the fun stuff. Greg and Emily came out to spectate and drink a bit.
Saturday Day 1: Racing. Racing sucked. I got a terrible start. I backslid from 4th to 10th place on the day. I was way into the red the entire time and blew up like a freaking blimp. I think my avg heart rate for 45 minutes was something like 188. Kind of painful. At least the course was fun as it actually has some elevation change, some tire grabbing of cambers and some ***GASP*** trail sections. I have done
mountain bike races that were less technical.

Enough bike racing. For now. Onward to the more fun part of the day. The on site waffle truck delivered...Hard. Waffle with nuetella, bananas, strawberries, and powdered sugar pairs well with Captain Lawrence Double IPA and the shame of sucking it up during the race. Le Barrier and his sig-other Natalie were also in attendance and helped make quite a dent in the beer cooler.

After watching the womens PRO race it was nearly time for the men's event. Craig and Lauren disappeared for a bit, so we went on a trek to find them... and what do you know, There was my wife, fraternizing with no one other than National Champion Ryan Trebon.
Ryan was clearly trying to get back at me since he's totally still reeling over his loss to me at the Windham Pro XCT. Ok so he DNF'ed and I got lapped, but my name was above his on the results so in my mind, that, is a 'W'.
Back to racing. We picked a good spot to heckle cheer and can be heard in nearly every video on race coverage on
cycling dirt. At 2:40 you can hear Craig screaming at everyone. Awesome.
According the Most Interesting Man in the World, the after party is the party you want to go to. This one was at the Southampton Publick House. yes that one. The race pretty much took over the entire bar. While waiting for our table, in start walking all of the big names, Adam Craig, Carl Decker, Trebon, Georgia. We heckled Trebon a bit, he hit on my wife, but then it was ok because he gave me tickets for free beer. Georgia Gould, really fast chick and all around nice person, tried to convince my wife to race cyclocross, as if she needed more convincing. One of the coolest parts about cycling is how approachable the people at the top level of the sport are. I asked Trebon flat out about the now famous east coast comment and although I'm sure he's tired of talking about it by now he entertained it. Nice dude.
After dinner Lauren and I as token old people went to bed while Emily and Greg stayed out on the porch and laid out plans to end global warming, eliminate nuclear weapons, balance the US's budget, end world hunger, and cure cancer all over Miller Lite tall boys. They fell short on world peace, but hey it was only a 22 ounce beer.
Day 2: More bike racing. This is where we see a near pre race meltdown by no other than me. I crashed riding coffee in hand to registration. I clipped a picnic table with my foot while letting another rider pass me on the sidewalk and went down over the bars flat on both wrists, elbows and knees. I lost my shoe in the process and my coffee flew like 20 feet. No less that 10 people witnessed my failed attempt at flight. Thank you to the kind souls who untangled me from my bike and helped me up. Problems. My wrist is now swollen and not really working to well. I’m bleeding in a few spots. My front wheel in bent and cant be trued up without taking the tire off. Gunnar’s dad hooked my up with a primo first aid kit and most of those issues were fixed. Problem. My race is at 11. Its now 10:30. I’m still in jeans. I was under the impression we went off at noon... like every other MAC race. oops. Scramble... and made it to the line only slightly pissed off.

This race was much more fun. I still backslid from 2nd off the start to 6th on the day, which
Colin R so eloquently stated "Stop backsliding you are displeasing me". I almost laughed hard enough to crash for the second time entering the run up when I heard that.

I had a lot more fun on day 2. I liked the course (day 1 backwards) a bit better and my legs felt like well, my legs again.

Post race was much lower key as everyone had driving to do me all the way to Virginia.
Lauren's pictures can be found on the book for Day 1 and Day 2. there are nearly 300 total, a lot of its racing, a lot of it is everyone not racing. If you rode and or blew by me either day she probably got one of you.

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