Sunday, November 8, 2009

MAC Fair Hill Cross & PACX Spring Mount Race Report(s)

MAC Fair Hill:
What better way to come back from 2 weeks of little to no intensity in my training that to do a double header.
First up is the MAC race at Fair Hill in Maryland. I received a first row start position thanks to a call up, which was a first for me. I promptly wasted it by missing my pedal for the first 8 or 9 pedal strokes. I sailed from front row back to maybe 25th by the first corner. I also accidentally left my legs in the car, because I surely did not have them when they were called upon to accelerate out of any corner. The course was a roadie dream, crazy fast and not terribly technical save for the sand pit/ dressage ring. I also found out pretty early that I left my technical skills in the car along with my legs as I flopped around in the sand at least 3 times through.
Taking 1/2 the race to figure out what I was doing.

I made up some spots and kept surging, well sort of surging and ended up 10th. I had fun, it was a great day weather wise, but I honestly was disappointed in my legs and even in how I rode. The time off for my back had definitely taken a hit on my fitness. I got to ride my bike through a stable though, which was by far the highlight of the day.

Here's a great shot of my race spiraling down the drain.

PACX Spring Mount:
Sunday took me to the lower key PA State Cross series race at Spring mount put on by Philadelphia Ciclismo. I warmed up and felt surprisingly good. It was in the 60's and sunny, but the course was slow and muddy. The entire back side didn't drain well and was a mess. Not Granogue destruction, but slow and sticky.

I got a call up, and ended up taking the hole shot by entering the first corner way way to fast. I must have done a good job re gluing that front tubular tire because if it were going to roll, it would have in the lean I threw it into. That would have looked very very stupid.

We quickly established a lead group of 4. Gunnar from C3 and I were doing the majority of the work.

I kept throwing down little bursts to keep things interesting but no matter what I did the group stayed connected. With maybe 3 laps to go I started throwing down more serious efforts, still going nowhere. The course was so sticky any time I jumped it felt like the ground was grabbing my tires and pulling them into reverse. Post race I would find my tire's tread was completed caked with clay, this probably had a lot to do with my poor accelerations.

With one to go I figured I should just start jumping and see what happened. I laid down an attack through the start area, no gap. I gunned it through the corn field, no gap. I think Gunnar actually came around me before the sand. I passed him through the sand on the last lap and continued to (attempt to) rail it. Finally almost all the way through the muddy backside of the course I got a gap, which grew and grew by the time I got to the barriers. I slide through the final switchback and took the win. Props to the entire group I was with. It was equally fun and stressful to race with that caliber of a set, knowing an error would result in some serious consequences. I'm hoping the racing and intensity this weekend will get me back on track. I am looking to head over to the USGP races next weekend with my fresh cat 2 upgrade. Game Notes: Zack Adams gets the heckler of the day award making sure to make fun of me each time I hit the barriers.

Lauren took some great pictures of both days. Check them out here (MAC Fair Hill) and here (PACX Spring Mount)

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Joey said...

Nice job on Sunday. You guys got a nice gap quick, I couldn't hang on. Congrats.

And welcome to the team.