Sunday, October 11, 2009

Iron Cross Lite Race Report

I won a race. Finally.
Of course like any success I seem to have, there's some sort of extenuating circumstance leading up to the actual moment of success. Today's Flaming Pile of Crap Award goes to my MIO GPS. Examine the GPS location, and then the red line tracing the detour on rt 233 due to an out bridge. This successfully turned a 2 hour 15 minute trip into a 4 hour trip complete with large amounts of screaming and my blood pressure flying into the

Instead of arriving a nice 90 minutes before my 11 am start, I showed up at 10:48. 12 minutes to dress, register, pin a number on, warmup, pee, and line up at the start. I managed to do all of those things, but not to the level of completion I normally would like. I managed to sprint the 1/4 mile to the camp, dress, register, get a number frantically pinned on me, and ride around for 3 minutes prior to the start.

Warmups are crucial in shorter events like cyclocross, not having the luxury mean I was certainly in for some discomfort and probably not going to be able to go very fast off the start. "No problem, I'll get to the start line early to avoid having to sprint through places on the start" To my surprise I was the very last person to line up on the line. 30 people were in front of me. oops. Not ideal.

Off we go. I went from 30th to 4th in 3 minutes. The start was on a dirt fire road, while everyone took the lines in each of the tire tracks, I went up the middle. Worked well.

I paid dearly for my position however, I instantly side stitched as my HR reved way into the mid 190's.
A few riders crashed in front of me as we entered the sand pit and I was now in second, still hurting.

The leader was a rider from Kissena and seemed to have some legs.

I hung on to his wheel, working the mtb skills using the corners to recover. It was working pretty well until he crashed in front of me coming out of a corner and I took the lead.
I sat up a bit on one of the fire road sections as he drafted behind me. In an attempt to pull my heart out of my throat I dropped the pace. Boom. He attacked. Got maybe a 15 ft gap that I struggled to close, I kept it down to sub 5 seconds, but was hurting. Badly. The no warmup thing was really not helping much. I struggled to keep the gap close, and then I saw him falter in a gravel corner... turns out his rear tire blew out. This could not have been better timed (for me) as it gave me a second to recover and ride tempo. I knew I had a 40 second gap thanks to Lauren's timekeeping.

I stayed within my limits and maintained my gap till then end. The course was a blast, features included a "spiral of death" think circle that keeps tightening and tightening until you get to the center, then you turn the opposite direction, a log jump in the back that I cleared each lap, to many cheers from surprised onlookers, a dual sand pit, and an uphill runnup/ barrier that really really hurt/sucked. The best part though was the end. I really wasn't feeling too well. Immediately after I put my arms down from my victory solute things started locking up. Poor legs.

Keeping with my being late theme, I was fashionably late to my podium presentation.

Since the race was really close to Gettysburg, and I had never been, Lauren and I Scooted over, fended off the pleebs, and enjoyed a gorgeous fall day.

Big helps on the day:

Lauren, running to the pit in flip flops with my spare wheels and gear.
Revolution Wheelworks Rev 50 x. wow. Only 2 rides on them, but whoa. Totally changed the ride of my cross bike.
BMW X3. Can do 75 on dirt roads.
Big losers on the day:
Mi0 GPS.
My Orange Sunglasses: Tossed somewhere in the back seat of the car when I was flipping out.

Update found some great shots of the race here

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