Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Field Testing In Virgina. Geeky Power Meter Stuff, Birthday.

I have turned 26 years of age. I had a great time down in Va with Lauren's family, Scored a new fan for riding the trainer, the new DVD "A ride with George", some Dopers Suck Coffee, and a cake with a bicycle wheel on it that I will now spend the next two weeks buring off.
Since experience and time seem to be positives everywhere ( 40 yr old QB's slinging TD passes, 37 yr old guys on the podium at the TdF) My bump in age definitely means some bump in watts, no?
I had not planned to test but being that I was in Virginia where its flat and I had hydrated with Ommegang the night before, I would go out and give it a try.
5 Minute Splits: 1st Qtr 314 w avg
2nd Qtr: 320 w avg
3rd Qtr: 322 w avg
4th Qtr: 339 w avg
20 Minute total: 325 w avg at 181 bpm.

325w is up ~4% from July when I tested last. I really don’t know what I did to deserve the bump. I’m rested from my vacation, time to use some of this form at Iron Cross and the MAC weekends Granogueoeusugeueusue and Wissahickon cyclocross races.
Rev wheelworks Rev 50 x’s will be glued up by tomorrow. MMMM Carbon wheels. Yummy.
Also Yummy
I did a nice long ride Saturday in VA/NC. Set out to do once ride, missed a turn, realized it 15 miles later. Ended up at a place called Medoc Mountan State park. It was a seemingly nice place, however the promise of an actual mountain was inaccurate. 50 ft elevation gain hardly constitutes the name “hill” let alone mountain. By those standards the Manayunk Wall goes half way to the moon.
I observed more confederate flags on this ride than in previous trips south of the Mason Dixon Line. Worrisome? You be the judge.
I’ll be judging with my
new redneck/idiot/dog/crackhead/zombie deterrent.

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