Monday, October 26, 2009

The Doctor Said I Need A Backiotomy.

Seriously bummin right now. Had a root canal Tuesday 10/20. Root canal got infected and had to go on antibiotics for 8 days. Tooth felt better like a day later, antibiotics killed off whatever was in there. Around the same time my lower back started to hurt. I figured I was just messed up from Wiss and Granogue. Well its now 10 days after my last race and my back has gotten progressively worse each day since Friday. I cut back the hours and intensity and hoped it would get better. I NSAID'ed myself constantly. I even got a massage. Nothing helped, back keeps getting worse. Finally I resorted to the interwebs, I know why didnt I do this sooner... my antibiotic has a "back pain" side effect that's supposedly pretty common. fuuuuuuuuu.
Ok so my back hurts to the point where I cant bend to touch my knees or drive without shooting pain. BFD, it will get better.
I'm bummed because I might be missing MAC Beacon, and more importantly The 2009 Philly Dirty Dozen Ride. 68 miles of 13 climbs, scored on a point system
for god sakes look at the route and climbs list!!!
Climb #1: Welsh Valley Rd.
Climb #2: Country Club Rd.
Climb #3: North Valley Rd. (Paoli Wall)
Climb #4: County Line Rd.
Climb #5: Pleasant Ave.
Climb #6: Spring Garden St./Spruce St./Pine St./Riverview Ln.
Climb #7: Bryn Tydden Dr.
Climb #8: Hart's Lane
Climb #9: Hagy's Mill Rd.
Climb #10: Port Royal Ave.
Climb #11: Jefferson St./Ashland Ave./Price St./Rockland Ave. (La Collina)
Climb #12: Righter's Mill Rd.
Climb #13: Levering St./Lyceum Ave. (Manayunk Wall)

I'm freaking salivating. I have expressed my love of Welsh Valley (you should click that just to watch the George Washington Video again). Climb 3 up Country Club, Harts Ln, Port Royal and all its cobbled frigging stupid steep glory!!! I dont even have to tell you about climb 13. Fongule.
Cant... get... too... excited... back twingeeeee... ahhh....

Worst is I cant drink on all of these fancy pills. I have Bells Java Stout, St Somewhere Lectio Devina, a case of Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve, and a Bottle of Captain Lawrence Flaming Fury. All on idle...


Joey said...

I have to dissagree. I do hill repeats on both Welsh Valley and Diamond Rock on the weekends and Diamond rock is by far more fun. All a matter of opinion of course.

Mike said...

you my friend are a sick soul.
diamond rock for me is too hard to stay in an specific power zone without lowering the cadence way way low (like below 55rpm to stay at lt) making it harder to do prescribed workouts.
I will give you that its a much harder climb due to the grade, arguably more fun.