Tuesday, September 15, 2009

George Washington Loves Welsh Valley Rd.

I use Welsh Valley Rd for hill repeats and general testing. Its the biggest (~350 ft vertical over 1 mile) climb I can ride to from my house. The road goes up Mt. Misery, which is badass because George Washington named it. Watch this video if you want to know about Big George, or just want to laugh.

Ok I hope you enjoyed that delightful snack.
Welsh Valley Rd, It's one of maybe 5 ways up Mt Misery but its my far the longest, has the most consistent grade, least traffic, and not suicidal to descent at double the speed limit. Diamond Rock Rd may have 10 or 11% but its shorter and you will probably get run over being that people do 50 in a 25 on it and there is no shoulder.
Back to Welsh Valley. I normally do hill repeats on it at various levels of effort. The 'official start is the stop sign at the bottom and the "stop sign ahead sign" at the crest. Some days I go up it at endurance pace. Some days I make my wife climb it on our way to the coffee shop. Some days I attempt flight on it and use it as a fitness test/ tt. Previously my best was 4:45 at 365 watts. I murdered that today. 4:31 at 392 watts. 5.67 w/kg.

Does anyone else use this as a training hill? I see people doing repeats on it throughout the season. Share some times.

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Anonymous said...

Mike - I train on this hill too, but will have to time myself next time out. You're right about the traffic on Diamond Rock - sux!