Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bear Creek... 0 for 3.

I have yet in my cycling career finished a lap of racing at Bear Creek. I have failed on 3 seperate attempts. Last year I had a hissy fit because I felt the descent was ridiculous, well maybe I really just wasn't having any fun. Hissy fit or not I went back. I passed up on The Chainstrecher at Blue Mountain in New York because I really didn't feel like making the drive, even though I love racing and riding there.This year I was doing ok, I felt good on the climb up. My tire setup was sticking. My brakes were working, shifting was on point... I was even descending the river bed of a trail pretty well... then while navigating a section toward the very end of the decent my front tire clicked on something and I burped most of the air out of the front tire. I was shocked I did not perform a Mike Festa Signature Sidewall Tear (tm). I grabbed my CO2, mounted the nozzle and pressed the CO2 onto the tire valve. Nothing happened. I checked to see if the nozzle had punctured the CO2 cartridge like it should... check. Retrying on the valve... nothing. Ok crap... riders flying by me... Remount the bike and try to ride... nope. tire burps the rest of its air. !@#$. Walked out. Took about 10 minutes. Found Lauren in the feed zone, looks as if she made some friends. I was pretty cool until I got back to Lauren... I guess the whole "You just had a mechanical again at Bear Creek, your last mtb race of the year, that you skipped blue mountain for... lol wtf omg 143 rotflmao mft jk my bff jill. I threw my bike. I don't know why I threw it, it didn't even really do anything. It was my fault I burped the tire... and it was my fault I never learned how to use the goofy CO2 head I bought a month or so ago.
It really kills you when you're doing pretty well and something just so stupid like this happens. Mountain biking has been full ups and downs this season. I have DNF'ed a little more than I like. Twice because of things breaking... unfortunately that's a huge part of the sport. Onward to cyclocross.I'm going to go watch the Giants finish off the skins, finish this DFH Indian Brown Ale.
Here's a shot from my 'openers' ride yesterday... r3sl, pave tires, assos shoe covers, rain.

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