Thursday, August 13, 2009

SRM Saga Continues... @#$% USPS and UPS.

The batteries in my SRM Power Meter died. Bummer... but it happens. I boxed it up and overnighted it to SRM in Colorado... I used USPS. They lost it. They lost my several thousand dollar crank... After a few phone calls, one to the United States Postal Service customer service department in India... I located the power meter... it was at the SRM service location... USPS just forgot they dropped it off.
SRM told me it was going to take 14 days to fix my power meter... last time it took like 5. Bummer.
I called after 8 days to see what was going on... The nice lady at SRM let me know my crank was done and ready to be sent home... sweet. It would be overnighted via UPS. Perfect. Well UPS's plane broke. Apparently they only have one plane. Maybe the whiteboard jackass with the mullet can draw with his dry erase marker my power readout while I do my intervals indoors today.

Here's the best part UPS didn't uphold their end of the $55 dollar bargain to get me my power meter in 1 day. To get my deserved refund I have to prove the package came late by showing the delivery slip... can't do that until its delivered. Then UPS refunds the SHIPPER after review. SO next I will have to get SRM to go after UPS for the amount. Then UPS will refund the shipper, SRM, who can then cut me a check for the refund. Thats Direct.
In othernews I am going to Windham this weekend in an effort not to get blown out of the water by the nations best. Wish me luck.

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