Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help a Philly Local Ride for Team USA at The XC Maraphon Worlds

I found this tonight while scouring the blogosphere... donate to Harlan so he can go beat up on some eurotrash. Your donations will also ensure I do no have to race him for at least a few weeks.

Many of us know Harlan Price, philly local, mountain biker extraordinaire, and all around good guy. He has an incredible good news/bad new scenario right now.
Good news- Harlan was named to represent the United States and the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in Stattegg, Austria on August 23.
Bad news- USA Cycling is giving him ZERO support. He needs to fund this trip with a combo of sponsor support and the generosity of his fellow cyclists. Trust me when I tell you he is hoping for some generosity because it is a huge expense for him to represent the USA. I am asking you to help out a true asset to our local community by doing two things:
1. Donate. No amount is too small. You can visit his blog and click on the Paypal donation button.
2. Get out the word that he needs the support of the community. I know that many of us are in contact with local clubs like Suburban Cyclists, CRC of A, and have friends on other teams. Please forward this on to as many people as you think could help.Harlan’s blog is http://www.boxedbee.blogspot.com/. Click the Paypal button! He needs cash in hand by August 10th before he leaves for Austria so this is time sensitive.

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