Friday, July 31, 2009

Perplexed. Mt Snow, Windham, Neshaminy...

Perplexed. A conundrum if you will… Until roughly last week, I was totally sold on racing both the PRO XCT races at Mt Snow and Windham. In fact I have planned my season around these two races, my peak being Windham. Mt Snow is one of those places I really do not enjoy racing at, except when I finish, bike and body still in mostly one piece. The course really only bothers me in one or two places, the descent is ugly, especially when it’s wet, which since it’s mostly on the fall line, it usually is. Last year I took some ridiculous lines down it in a vein attempt to capture a nation championship, but it was not to be. I should have been happy I just didn’t die.
Ok back on track here.
Here are my options for racing next weekend:
Original Plan: Go to Mt Snow. Drive from Devon to Brewster, Get up early Drive to Mt Snow, Race at 11am, Drive back to Brewster. Get ass kicked by Race the real Pros, probably break bike and bones. Spend Sunday fixing broken bike. Now I know this sounds pretty negative but if you hop on over to the
Root66 race series message board it sounds like the common theme from when this series hit the Mt Snow course a few weekends ago. Meh.
Here’s the proverbial monkey wrench if you will… There is a race 25 miles from my front door the same day.
Plan B: Go do the MASS Race at Neshaminy. Some decent climbing, MASS Payout, 30 minute drive one way.

So I ask you Blogosphere… Where would you go race? I have a week to figure this out. Do I bring some semblance of honor to my UCI grandfather clause Pro License, or do I hit the local race and collect some cash? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

One last tangent before I go... I was reading an article on regarding Levi and Lance doing some Mobile lactate threshold testing on a 1k climbs in CA or CO, whatever it was a C state. The video is here. Watch towards the end when Levi comes to the top of the climb, he yells out his power avg from the SRM as he comes to a stop to take the blood test. The video is edidted and they bleep out not only the power output, but the time it took him to complete the climb... why. Who cares? I put out ~295 to 300 w at ftp. I weigh 151 lbs. My w/kg at FTP is 4.33. If you can do 4.34 you can beat me all things equal and there is nothing I can do about it, except use my head to make back the .01 w/kg I lost on you.
My point here is, that I have been pretty open with posting my power outputs and resutls from field tests in the past, hell that last one I did I even posted a graph, (with the scale still on it (thats my fav, posting the outputgraph but with no scale...) Am I am not quite clear on why some guard their output numbers more than their Social Security Number. /rant


aroth said...

I'm debating Mt. Snow myself. I don't know if I can justify the time, drive & cost for what I know will be an absolutely horrendous course. Like you mention, I was thankful each lap for having it made it down without serious injury. I climb much better than I descend - but a good number of climbs were unrideable.

Colin R said...

The course isn't horrendous in that it's unfair. It's just hard, really hard, both up and down. The people whining on the Root 66 board are mostly sport riders, fyi.

Anyway, if you've done mt snow in the past the current incarnation of the course is better than previous. More rideable for sure. The descent is friggin hard, wet or dry, but it's mountain bike racing, eh?

If I were you I would skip Mt Snow and hit Windham. Might as well do 1 real pro race and Windham is closer, plus it doesn't conflict with anything (right?).

Chris said...

Lance and crew keep power numbers secret because you wouldn't want to give opponents a mental advantage, although i am sure the numbers in aspen weren't that impressive considering the wattage could be about 10% lower at altitude.

Go to windham man, it will be fun to real pros without making the haul to mt snow. I am not driving that far to get 30th place.