Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Eating Dounuts, Drinking Beer, and Riding For Fun USAC National Championships.

SO Nationals is today. I am not there. Not like I had a shot at a jersey... like last year... but it's still the big show in my mind and I would have loved to make a trip out there. Logistics, not lack of form kept me away this year as Nats are in CO at 9000 ft altitude. I also have burned a large portion of my vacay time from my real job as an IT Super Genius... ok so maybe my job title is Business Analyst, not Super Genius, but whatever. Instead of getting lapped by Olympians in the land of no air, I woke up and drove to The Wiss and set out for a long ride on the neglected mountain bike. Walking out of the condo I saw the Fed Ex dude had left something for me from sponsor Honey Stinger. If you haven't had their fruit crews they are like crack. Ask my wife, I think its the only reason she agrees to go do hill workouts with me as I wont let here eat them as snacks.

So I packed everything up and headed to wissahickon. I find it ironic I live in the philly burbs and I have to drive to the city to go ride my mountain bike. It rained a little last night so conditions were perfect and tacky.
The above climb was pretty slick and fun. I have a love hate with the wiss... The first hour was all hate. The I hit the PMBA demo trail and smiles returned. After the demo trail I crossed over to this trail with several switchbacks and tight singletrack. Perfect. My biggest complaint with the trails at the wiss is that they are too damn wide and straight. technical, yes but wide... boring.

After two hours at the wiss I stopped at Cadence filled up my bottles and headed over to Belmont to ride some twisty stuff. I always always love Belmont... Except that one time a local broke into my ford contour and stole my credit cards I stupidly left in the console. The left the 11 bucks I had though... dumb asses.
Here's a view from one of the trail heads. Center City Philly in the background, peaking above the tree line.
I slid around for an hour or so then headed back to the car.
Here comes the eating donuts part... I stopped in DD to grab an iced coffee... gee those Boston cream donuts look good... inhaled two of them... fat and sugar content for the week consumed in 90 seconds. After the coffee I was left wanting something more... so I retired to the balcony on the condo to drink a Southampton and write this non racing post.
On a side note, the person I feel for most in this world right now is George Hincape... spends all day in the break in stage 14 of the tour and misses the yellow jersey by 5 seconds. SUCKS. For those of you that dont know who George is, he was Lance's most loyal lutenant through all of Lance's 7 TDF wins. Lances team helped real him in today... so not cool, though most of the blame is on Garmin and AG2R.
This was sort of a lame-o post, if you are looking for some real racing head over to Kuhn's blog... Breck Epic Post. I also hear there's a picture of a cross bike with aero bars at Colin R's blog.
Final Side note, my buddy Dean from Cadence got clipped by a fine upstanding member of the philly ghetto today while the driver committed an illegal U turn on Ridge av. I witnessed it returning from my mtb ride as they were coming in from a road ride... watch out for the f*cktards... they seem to be out in full force.

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