Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rating the Philly Race PRO Teams.

This post has nothing to do with any teams ability to actually WIN the race. But here we go anyways. I went out for a 4 hour ish solo endurance ride this morning. As usual the day before the Philly bike race brings all of the pros out to stretch their legs before the effort tomorrow. Here is what I observed.

Fuji Servetto: I rode behind them for a few minutes. This is a fun group, not only did they whistle and yell "Bella Donna" at anything with two x chromosomes, they would constantly play little jokes on each other while riding. Very reminiscent of "The Italians" from Breaking Away.

Jelly Belly: The nicest bunch, I got the most audible hello's out of this group.
BMW Womens Team. Lead around by some helmetless Italian dude. One of these things is not like the other.
OUCH/Maxxis: Flyod Landis was in the buch. I'm over this team though, as they constantly show up to my local races and kick my ass.
Columbia/Highroad: Impressive passline. Mens and womens team combined looked like 45+. Hard to pass going down the trail
Team Type One: One of their riders had a little bump and slide with some chick on a TT bike. A rider that reminded my like Robbie Mcwein in both size, accent, and attitude seemed upset she put him down.
Rock Racing: Rock only has like 5 guys in the race. Fast Freddie was the most notable.
Human Zoom Womens Team: Go locals!
BMC: Looked impressive, love the Assos Kits.
Bissel: Had a pretty big bunch out, got a few nods.
Liquigas: Unrelenting Double Paceline. Never faulters or changes shape. Euro.

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