Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oxford Road Race Report

Spin the "Excuse o Matic" this was not one of my finer days on a bike. Not horrible, just not my best work.
The Oxford Road race looked to be a pretty good chance to grab the last few upgrade points I needed to earn a Cat 3 upgrade. Standard Lancaster area course profile, a few short punchy hills a descent descent and roughly 40 miles. My race was at 11:15 too, so getting up at 5:00 to coffee up and eat wasn't required.
The day started off pretty well, there was way more joking around this race than most. The two dudes I parked next too started a very interesting discussion on their guilty pleasure of horrible top 40 pop music. The other thing I noticed, aside from the musical stylings of Lady Gaga, was that I was sweating my ass off. It was humid and not ridiculously hot, but I rode sans base layer which in my book is very not-PRO.
Heres the race run down. Lap 1 we went slow (223 avg w 282 w normalized). Lap2 we went stupidly slow (220 avg w 265 w normalized) and John Culter (John also said he liked reading my blog, so thanks John) got away. Lap 3 we went slow ( 203 avg w 269 w normalized) and John got a 1 minute lead on us. I stood up on the small hill at the beginning of the lap and put down a 600 w effort for 20 seconds to match an acceleration, I immediately thought, wow this feels way harder than it really is... ahh the feeling of knowing you have no legs.
Lap 4 we decided to go fast, then came the freak thunderstorm and the road turned into a river of water, dirt, and cow/horse shit. We then decided to go slow again. I struggled to stay up front out of any trouble, when we hit the last 1.5 miles the road turns left and continues to a pretty much straight shot all the way to the line. I was positioned well going into the final 2k. Covered in shit, soaking wet, and tired, I really just wanted to get to the line and get some food and something dry to wear. I know, cry me a river... with 1 k to go ( attacks always come at the 1k to go sign as well as the 200m to go sign) a kissena rider jumped. I didnt think I could sprint out the pretty large group we had heading in so I tried my luck too. I chased the Kissena rider and could not close the gap, the rest of the field was on my wheel and I was done. I went to pull to the side and moved right to let the field pass and grab some draft. As I pulled right a rider was coming up on the gutter, I was now blocking his path and he went into the ditch and went down, we touched wheels and I wobbled but stayed up. I felt horrible about it. A group of 6 or 7 went around me and I found some leg speed and spun back on. In the last 150m I was able to pick a few of them off and take the last spot that rewarded any points. 7th. Get ready for this... my sprint avg w for 12 seconds was a whopping 456 watts. Thats pretty sad. After I crossed the line I still felt horrible about the rider that fell. I swung around to go check to see if he was good, I rode like 2k back down the road but the guy was no longer there. I met up with him later and he was totally cool about the whole thing. He had some road rash but other than that he seemed alright. He also mentioned he crashed in the 4/5 race earlier that day. Talk about luck.
Lauren was nowhere in sight at the finish, she had frantically rode back to the car to drop off her camera, phone and grab some rain gear. Her blue sidis dyed her feet as she chose to go sans socks.
So I spun the excuse o matic and it landed on:
2) I went a little to hard at the Great Valley training race Thursday and was fatigued.
3) Classic "Coming off illness" from my cold last week.
4) I was covered in cow poop.
I'll probably post some more pictures up as I scour the interwebs for them.
Update: I had to add some beer content to this from the weekend.
Saturday: Teresa's Cafe had outdoor seating for some festival in Wayne. Drank Russian River Blind Pig on tap post thunder storm.
Sunday: After the coffee ride with Lauren, we went to TJ's and had Allagash Confluence, Bear Republic Racer X, Brother Thelonious Dubbel, and the winner, Souther Tier Mokalat... the nose on this one was seriously like a choc milkshake. unbelievable.

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