Friday, June 19, 2009

Go to the Stage Race. (Watch me die in the 9 Hr Solo Race) (Support "rassin" on the Farm)

Thats right. is putting on their MTB stage race in one week!!! Here is the Bikereg page.
Here's the lowdown from the man himself, Mike Kuhn.
"Just in case you've not caught on to what we're doing this year.
Friday night - Night TT - solo and team categories - lights required for this one, but some loaners available through Lupine.
Saturday - 12 hour relay and 9 hour solo events - all the fun stuff in the evening like beverages and band. Fun kids stuff during the day (its not just a race weekend but a good time for the family with the pond, fishing, kids events, etc - and there is no charge for additional campers this year beyond the racers)
Sunday - STXC and fun events - Slow DH, bike toss, etc."

I had a blast at this race last year
and I am pumped to race there again this year. I have never done a 9 hour (or over 4 hour) mtb race so this should be an interesting trip into uncharted territory.
In other news America scored a
WORLD CUP at Windham for 2010... freaking awesome.
I am off to race at
Stewart since the MASS race was cancelled due to rain. yeah, weak I know.

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