Saturday, May 9, 2009

Union Grove Road Race

My quest for Cat 3 upgrade points lead me to the Union Grove Road Race. I did this race last year, therefore I'm going to probably make several comparisons from last year to now.
The day started like this: waking up at 5 am to eat, cafinate, and drive the 45 minutes to the race.
Upon arrival, I saw that there would be some stiff competition.
I'm actually sleeping here.

Observation 1: We did 6 laps this year, 7 last year. 4.7 miles less total.
Down to numbers:
AVG w for each lap/ AVG heartrate / Normalized avg power.
08 Lap 1: 259/183/ 294 09 Lap 1: 219/162/ 265

08 Lap 2: 239/177/ 288 09 Lap 2: 270/173/ 305
08 Lap 3: 237/177/ 275 09 Lap 3: 229/167/ 265
08 Lap 4: 234/174/ 282 09 Lap 4: 238/168/ 276
08 Lap 5: 214/164/ 250 09 Lap 5: 245/171/ 297
08 Lap 6: 214/162/ 259 09 Lap 6: 277/175/ 336

08 Lap 7: 283/179/ 326 09 Lap 7: Didnt Happen
Observation 2: This race was slow. Slow races end in field sprints. I am bad at field sprints. Simple... this is why on Lap 2 you see an high avg watts for the duration. I went to the front and took a pretty large pull to try and thin it out... it didnt work as well as I would have liked, the false flat and the headwind where I was pulling really negated the work I tried to inflict on the group.

Observation 3: There is a corner on this course that for some reason everyone sprints out of, I don't really have a problem with this I just find it funny I hit my max power for the race on lap 3, not on lap 6. The field sprint wasn't as painful as last year, but judging my my face side by side comparison (08 on the left, 09 on the right). I think I did pretty well in the sprint all things considering. I was able to do the sprinter style throw the bike at the line move to take out the rider I edged out at the line. Probably came down to a few inches. ***Update: The rider I sprinted to the line with (Jason Berry) contacted me via my blog, apparently our finish was less than 4 inches, I hope to have a picture at the line soon. Read his blog for a recap, he shares many of the same frustrations of a MTB racer toeing the line at a Road Race... all in good fun though.

Observation 4: PA is beautiful. Maybe it was the week of rain preceding this race, but I think its pretty cool that I can drive 2o miles east and be in the middle of center city, and drive 20 miles west and see horse and buggies.

Observation 5: Sonic Burgers cannot be resisted. You will assimilate. Perhaps riding around all of the cattle planted a subliminal message inside my head, but a cheeseburger was the only thing that post road race Mike needed at the time. Lauren agreed and complied.

Totals for the day. 5th place, some cash, a burger.
UPDATE: Here is ther finish line shot of Jason Berry and I throwing down for 5th.

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Jason Berry said...

It was about 4" - the promoter is going to e-mail me the photo finish. Way to go in the sprint, I was givn' r. After going so slow the entire race I was pissed I didn't have more kick at the end. Oh well. Hope to see you at other races.