Sunday, April 12, 2009

HopBrook Dam Root 66 #1

Saturday was the official start of the xc race season and my stint in the Pro/Open class. I arrived at the event and was greeted by overcast skies and some drizzle. Picked up a number and pretty much as soon as I affixed it to my bike, the rain began. I did something I have never done and slapped a road wheel on the back of my bike and warmed under the hatch of the car. Lauren and Emily had already started drinking at this point so peer pressure took over and I sipped some Dales Pale. Awesome.

The call to the line occurs and I miss timed the "get to the line" move... grabbing me a not so hot last row start position in a race that cuts to the narrow single track super quickly. Im in the back here somewhere. I was really suprised to see so many people on the line for a holiday weekend. Pro Open had 25 riders and my former home, expert 19-29 class had nearly 20. There is some great video of the race here thanks to

The start was a bit hectic, you shoot 50 yards, turn 180 degrees then blast another 75 yards before the first bottle neck. I played the sketchy line dude in an attempt to pick off some places with mild success. Hit the woods and tried to stay with the group of 4 in front of me. I was hanging on pretty well, riding into my legs and then I blew an entrance to a narrow piece of single track and clipped my shoulder on one of the trees sending me into the dirt. tick tick tick. Get back on and chase... hmm why is my front tire so bouncy... whatever pedal... tick tick tick... I came through the first lap and took some food from Lauren who was camped out in the feed zone. After the single track climb I was gaining on the group of 4 I was chasing. I knew that if I stopped to CO2 my tire I would lose them again, maybe for good. With my front tire now way under inflated my steering was limited, I had to stop and hit it with the CO2... tick tick tick. 30 seconds... the group of 2 behind me caught as I was remounting. I gassed it and rode away from them.
The next two laps were pretty uneventful. I was in no mans land for a bit, rode as hard as I could and tried not to hit anything else. I ended up catching one or two more riders on the last lap and took 14 out of a decent 25 riders in the Pro/ Open field. This as you can see made me tired.
Sunday I took a nice 3 hour ride with Scott Feltmate from Bethel Cycles. Scott gave me the tour of Huntington Park, which is right near the Bethel shop. Place was pretty typical CT single track, which in my book is awesome, twisty, rocky, rolling. I was also chased by a balck and tan coon hound while out on the ride, which I find to be the most comical dog ever to exisit. Now to eat my weight in ham and watch Paris Roubaix. Go big George. Happy Easter.

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gear up and get on it! Greenbrier!!!