Sunday, April 26, 2009

Greenbrier could have gone a bit better.

I'll keep this short because I am for the most part, just going to pretend the race never happened.
The day started with this:

Then it shaped up to look like this:

And then for the next 20 minutes my legs felt like lead and my HR stayed pinned at 190+. I started mid pack and before I knew it i was DFL, feeling like complete and utter shit. I then passed a number of people, one puking, one with a flat, one who dropped a bottle, one with a double flat, walking, and maybe one more shooting himself in the face.
The day was completely lost until this:
Poor Lauren had to sit out in the sun for nothing. The look on her face when I DNF'ed was priceless. So confused. I hope some of my friends faired better than I did... Chris Michaels showed me his borrowed prototype wheel from Stan's should have snapped a spy shot. The cassette was nuts.
UPDATE: I don't feel so bad anymore after seeing the results. 9/22 riders DNF. sweet.

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