Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ridiculous Honeymoon Post.

Brief recap followed by a large number of picture and a really bad mtb crash at Valley Forge.
Wedding rocked, slept in Sunday then started out with the wife for Asheville, NC. Why Asheville? Answer, Beer and mountains, both of which were in abundance. We took a pit stop at some town in Virgina for the night at around 10pm, before we finished up and drove the second half of the 9 hour trip.
We arrived in Asheville at around noon and checked in at the amazing hotel. Weather was near perfect for a ride so Lauren and I set out to explore some of the winding mountain roads and find the blue ridge parkway.

The next day Lauren and I set out for 50 round trip miles up to the 5000 feet of Mt Pisgah. I have never seen climbs like this. The Blue Ridge Parkway host gradual slopes and shallow turns, but still miles and miles at 7% take their toll. The tunnels, sans lighting, also provided a nice rush. Lauren is a trooper and really toughed it out.

After the summit we descended back down to asheville and hit the food, hard.
The rest of the week followed suit, bicycles, beer, food, sights, warm weather, wife. All in all an amazing drip. Saturday we spent 9 hours in the car to travel back to Devon.
Sunday came and I have to race mountain bikes soon. Winter is a shitty time to try and ride mountain bikes, its ever frozen, read hard trails but cold, or warm with mushy thawing trails. Today was mild and dry, perfect day to get out and hit it for a few hours. I drove over to VF to grab a few miles and after my warmup tried the river trail that parallels the train tracks and the river. I lost focus for a second and my front wheel nicked the high side of the trail, which immediately shit it the opposite direction... toward the river and the 8 ft drop down to it. I'll let the pictures do the talking. I went over the bar/ side and landed on my back sliding head first into the river. As I slid The bike came over me and turned with me as one of my feet was still clipped in. I remember thinking, crap this is going to be cold... waiting to feel water. At the last possible moment my seat, seat post and hip slammed into the tree into the picture, pinning my right side between the bike and the hill. I did the can i move "fill in the blank" check and climbed up the hill to asses the damage and walk it off.
Marks from when I screwed up and lost control. (backwards)
This is where I stopped the becker and my seatpost hit first. As of right now I didnt see anything was broken. I rode back out on the bike and it seemed ok aside from a rubbing disc brake. My right leg was under the bike, my back and hip against the tree. Note the rocks.

This is my left leg. (Paint by numbers) My ass, shoulder, elbows, and ankle look the same. Note the start of an awesome shorts tan.

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