Monday, March 2, 2009

Honey Stinger Products.

So this year the nice people at Honey Stinger, fine purveyors of energy products, have decided I am worthy of a sponsorship hookup. The FedEx dude deliver the following Payload of training staples:

Honey Stinger Gel Mix Box: Bunch of different flavors, all equally tasty.
Honey Stinger Chews Fruit Smoothie Variety Pack: Kind of like other popular energy chews, these are especially tasty, almost to the point you forget your eating an energy product.
Honey Stinger Energy Bars: Apple Cinnamon: Not as tasty as a Cliff Bar, but much much easier to eat (dissolves faster, less chewing) thus in my humble opinion, better.
I highly encourage you to give them a try. Its a welcomed change of pace from the other offerings on the market. Everything they make is made with good stuff, and lots of honey.
In other news I managed to catch a cold. Luckily I just entered a recovery week so I can afford to throttle back a bit. Next week brings Lauren and I to Ashevill, NC for some climbing.

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