Sunday, February 8, 2009

70 degrees in Febuary* fine print required.

* I had to drive 400 miles to get it
Keeping with the trend of not being home ( I can all it home now because we own it) on a weekend in I don't even know how long, Lauren and I packed the bims up clown car style (haven't I typed that before?) and headed south. Forecast called for 50 to 70 degree temps all weekend... well theres 4 inches on snow on the ground here in Pa, so yeah lets rock. Here's the highlight reel.
Cotton field.

Really big cell phone tower

Factory next to a place called Industrial Waste Ponds

The lovely Lauren out for a cruise


A new winery by Lauren's Mom and Dad's house.

Uh oh... could it be...



Chris said...

coming to shred the gnar?

Mike said...

say what now? gnar. im down for gnar. details.