Saturday, December 6, 2008

Embrocation, Winter, Mountain Biking, World Wide Stout.

Today I made some purchases. I bought some Ozone Warming oil (embrocation) after freezing my ass off yet again on another ride. Embrocation is a much lured cyclist must have. I now have. Maybe it will warm me up a bit.
I also rode a 29'er for the first time today. For those not in the know, a 29'er is a mountain bike with 29 inch diameter wheels, the norm is 26. I swore by the scott scale's light 26 inch wheels until today. Friggin Cadence and their demo days... I spent an hour and a half on a Cannondale 29'er and I'm sold. Although it was slower out of corners and a little tougher to handle in the twistys... it was on the whole... faster... than pains me to say because I spent ass load of cash on my little kids 26 inch bike. fongule. oh well. at least now i wont feel so bad when a 29'er rider drops me on a descent. You can literally half the effort in technical sections and make it though... scary, its like doping, without the scary italian doctor and illegal medicine.
On the up and up I did have Dogfishhead World Wide Stout on DRAFT today.

boyeah. words cannot describe, well maybe they can if you read the reviews on the link.


Chris said...

I have left the arms of my scott for that temptress of 29" as well, i miss the feel of the carbon bur the 29" is faster for sure.

have you seen the 2009 national schedule?

Mike said...

NOOOOOOOO. Another person I will have to chase down descents!
Nats looks pretty good. Myabe I will get down to H-Burg for the Hoo-Ha.