Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at the Bartons.

Merry Christmas. Lets use this space to recap the cycling related paraphernalia I scored at the Bartons house for Christmas, in no particular order.

I was pumped when I opened this one up. I have been a long time user of the Assos variety of chocha cream, but am always willing to try something new in the way of thwarting saddle sores. This stuff is a little thinner than assos, and has tea tree oil, not menthol as its main tingly ingredient. I did a 1 hour recovery ride with it and it felt pretty good... I will look forward to using more.
Will be used to bleed my air filled juicys on my Scott. I'm super excited to spill DOT 5.1 brake fluid all over myself.
Ozone Depil Mousse:

Euro Nair. enough said. Doesnt smell like buring flesh, which is nice. Works well.
The Stick:

This thing rocks. Like most good cycling items, it causes a small amount of temporary pain resulting in a longer lasting feeling of satisfaction. That sounds kind of dirty. oh well.

Last but not least,

A 1 hour recovery ride with Lauren in 65 degree weather. Bare legs, good company and low traffic roads along the lake. Splendid.

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