Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As 2008 comes to a close, I sit here watching the snow fall outside my parents house, nursing my head cold. In typical blog fashion I will now recap on all of the things I did in the previous 12 months. Lets start with the most recent. Last Saturday Lauren and I loaded up the Bims clown car style. By the picture below you can see how loaded down the car is. Bikes are in there somewhere. I look kind of tired.
After a pit stop in Devon for some lunch and a car swap, we loaded up the jeep and headed to Brewster. We arrived in Brewster and then immediately departed for the Poconos to visit some friends and go skiing. Skiing highlights included Lauren bouncing off a 10 foot cliff and landing on some rocks, but ultimately being ok and finishing the days worth of runs. I got two great rides in at Brewster. I learned to ride a mountain bike here when I was 11, so this place holds some nostalgia for me. There was snow on the ground here, but with warm temps the trails themselves were clear.

Training: 2008 stats: Well I rode a lot. 465 hours a lot. This was my first year working with a coach and a power meter and I was more than happy with both investments. I feel stronger this time of year than I ever have and am looking forward to building off of a stronger base than in years previous.
SO... I bring to you the best and the worst of 2008:
Nationals why: Podium, nearly a stars and bars.
Winning at Farmington why: huge up after a bad race the day before.
Visit PA Stage Race: why: most fun at a race ever.
New Bike why: having brakes is nice.
Bottle hand ups from Lauren... why: standing in a field in the rain/snow/wind/heat for 2 hours to hand me water and gu is love.

California Business Trip why: I got mono... it blew.
NMBS Windham why: just didn't have it.
Bear Creek why: I dont think I will ever like this race DNF.
Bruised Tibia why: it hurt for 2 months...

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