Saturday, November 8, 2008

Base Miles, Group Rides, Americanos, Hypothermia, Borrowed jackets.

I have gotten into this nasty habit of trying to die on Saturdays. I get up at 6:30, eat and wake up, get on the bike by 8 or so, ride to the park and link up with the river trail, ride for 30 minutes or so then join the Cadence group ride already in progress (which leaves from Manayunk, 22 miles from Devon) I ride 2.5 hours with these sickos, then end up back in Manayunk at the end of the ride... which leaves me alone to mosey back to Devon by lunch time. I have pulled this off the last three weekends. Its going pretty well so far, however today was a little rough. I started out perfectly dressed, bib, base layer, jersey, wind vest, knee and arm warmers, full finger gloves. it was 55 degrees and humid, going to hit 61... 50% chance of rain. I met up with the ride and at one point even took off my vest because I was hot. about 10 miles outside of manayunk the rain hits. All is well Im still comfy although a bit water logged. We arrived back to manayunk and I stopped at la colombe with one of the dudes from the ride for an americano and something to eat. after 20 minutes of enjoying some awesome espresso, I ventured outside to find the rain had let up. I decided to ride the 100 feet up the road to cadence and make a stop to by some more food. In this long, arduous 100 foot journey I nearly froze to death. The wet clothes I was wearing did they job and wicked away the water from the surface, unfortunately wicking = cooling and when you are cold... yeah not so good. I buy a bar at cadence and drink another cup of coffee. While walking up the stairs shaking Mike Kuhn sees me and pokes some fun at me, I guess I looked a bit silly. He offers me a jacket to get home with but being semi delusional at this point I deny it... I finish my coffee, grab my bike and head out the door. 100 feet later I am back at cadence and walking back up the stairs to find Kuhn... Yeah maybe I DO need that jacket. Mike finds me this perfectly fitting 20 yr old blue giordana wind jacket, complete with a few holes in it. bad ass. Homeward I go and no longer shaking violently... Toward the end of the trip I was almost a little warm... seriously I would have not made it if not for the jacket. note to self, bring rain jacket if chance of rain. 75 miles. 4 hours. fun.

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