Friday, October 17, 2008

I need to stop crashing.

I had been trying to delay my end of season break for a bit as the weather here in Philly has been nice to say the least. Autumn is not even my favorite time to ride, the days are to short, I am usually pretty tired from the season, and I dread the winter evenings spent on the trainer watching tour stages, over and over... But it looks like I will be forcing myself to sit out the potentially last nice days of the year... My right knee is at it again, probably upset with the recent slam against rocks at blue mountain. I will give it a few days to chill out and prep for my fall field test at Cadence Wednesday. I haven't took a field test (used to determine guidelines for power based training) since March. In March I put out 310 w for 20 minutes at 154 lbs. That's 4.22 w/kg, FT which is according to Andy Coggan, Very Good.. I hope to improve that before next March, and am curious to see where I sit now fitness wise after a difficult season. I fully realize this is a pretty boring and meaningless post, but I will write next time with a fancy SRM powermeter chart of my effort. Off to NY for my teams end of the season party and payout!

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Lauren said...

Lots of sissy-bitchin going on in here. My IT band is busted and you don't see me blogging about it, haha.