Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How not to do a field test. Oh yeah and I had mono.

Today I did my fall field test at Cadence. For those unfamiliar with field tests, they hurt. This variation is a 20 minute TT held indoors on computrainers. I hadn't done one of these since last march where I put out a 310 watts on the computrainer and a 295w on my SRM. The 310 w number represents the top of your zone 4b (super lactate) zone. Take 95% of this number and you derive your Functional Threshold (FT) You theoretically can do this number for an hour.

Anyways back to the fun part.

I hadn't ridden a lot in the last few weeks and felt fresh... it was nice. Felt great warming up... Took the "rolling Start" and the rest went down like this...

3:00 = 320w not even feeling it...
5:00 = 317w starting to worry a bit, I know I have gone out a bit too hard.
7:00 = 315w hanging on but really really worried now
7:30 I blow up, I spend the next 8 minutes going up and down and the avg from 7 in to 15 in is only 283... I almost get off the bike I feel like garbage.
10:00 = 310 w
15:00 = 298w
20:00 = 296w...

Computrainer read 303w at the end.

Anyways I am an idiot... I totally blew the pacing. Another fun fact... avg HR was 192!!! WTF. Kuhn said it was probably due to being rested for once... Last minute was at 197 bpm. Cadence Avg was 99.

In other news my blood work came back from the doctors today. Aside from the massive amounts of CERA and EPO they found... (my hemocrit was actually kind of beat) after Lauren was diagnosed with Mono (Ebsitein Barr) in August after feeling like crap for the better half of the summer. Mono usually works like this,

1) you get a cold flu for a few days
2) you feel better in a week
3) a month or two goes by and you then you feel like crap (tired all the time)
4) you feel like crap and finally give in an go to the doctors, they test, and they test you you need to rest, i.e. not ride your bike until you dont fell like garbage.
So I go to the doctors for a physical and to be tested... mono is spread through kissing... and Lauren is my fiancee... so uh yeah high likelihood of exposure there. Well after playing phone tag with my doctor, I find out my test results are attributes to someone that HAD mono. SWEET. ok lets backtrack... when was the last time I got sick? HERE. fongule. My trip to Orange, CA for work. I was dying. Fever, cold stuff... yep very mono like. 3 days later I raced the Manayunk Hill Climb and felt a bit better. Rode through July, did all of my A races... then in August, I remember feeling tired, way off my game. I attributed all of this to coming off the peak my coach had laidout and helped me execute... come September I was feeling a bit better, but still not 100%... It all makes sense now. I was friggin racing with mono. Genius. Basically every race post June, mono was riding shotgun. I dont know where shotgun is on a bike... but whatever it was there.

Marvel over my power file.

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