Monday, September 15, 2008

USA Cycling thinks I am a PRO.

As many of you heard this weekend, USAC sent out a memo regarding the much rumored class system changes for 2009.

“Members currently categorized as Semi-Pro may choose either Category 1 or Pro designation for the 2009 racing season. When renewing their license, Semi-Pro members will be offered an automatic upgrade to Pro throughout the 2009 licensing period”

My first thought was holy crap I’m racing pro next year… My second was, I need to get some
bad ass name stickers with the little country flag on them for my bike… so I did. My third though was Local racing will not change a huge amount, if at all. Pro/ Semi Pro is combined in many instances anyways. What will change is that I will be racing, Adam Craig, JHK, Todd Wells, and any other far superior rider I can name… crap. I think I am a pretty decent rider/racer, but wow. Racing in larger fields will be something I am not used to either, Expert 19 to 29 saw 30 riders on a huge day… now I may see 80 to 100 at a national event… sweet.
All in all I’m stoked. Not as stocked as the little kid whose dad built him a monster truck as seen in this picture:

Even if I get my ass handed to me, I would rather race at a higher class (PRO) than know I was going to podium a lower class (Cat 1). Not to say I didn’t enjoy my success in Expert/Cat1 but It was time to move up… and I guess there is no more moving up to do now.

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