Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Scott...

I finally broke down and ordered a new mountain bike. Final build will be 20.75 lbs. 21.5 now.

Who would have thought that gigantic 185/160mm disc brakes mated to Godzilla 2.25 tires would be faster that v brakes and skinny 2.0 tires?
A) Every other racer on the east coast (expect for Greg)
B) 2.25 tires aren't really that big...
C) You raced Mount Snow with v brakes? twice?
D) Lauren's help rules
E) All of the above.
After rides at Brewster and Blue Mountain this weekend, I am sold. I don't care how much they weigh... maybe because my frame and wheels are 2 lbs lighter than those on the 9.8. The bike is sick, it glides over everything. I cannot wait to get my XTR crank and becker saddle back on it. All in all the weekend was pretty standard, the truck burned spotted owls all the way up to ny... the beer flowed from the taps in Peekskill, and the trails in NY are still better than the Wiss... where I will be riding this weekend...

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Emily said...

my god. you are an intense person. you are gonna be so dissapointed that it is only me commenting.

but what ev-- MARCO POLO