Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bear Creek XC. Riding the fine line between technical and stupid.

deeeee ennnnnn efffff. Ahh it wouldn't be a season without a DNF. Today I cannot remember the last time I DNF'ed a race, I think it was the Darkhorse 40 last year due to a poorly timed sidewall tear. I guess they are all poorly timed unless they occur 5 feet before the finish line. Whatever back to the race. Start was a bit delayed, gun went off and we started climbing... things were going well and I was rocking a top ten, the scott scale was singing, my legs were feeling pretty solid... then it all went wrong... I have raced Mount Snow with the equivalent of no brakes, I have raced in the rain with metal on metal... I have been so scared of a downhill I have ran it, however I don't think any of those prior experiences could match the illogical mess of a trail I attempted to ride at race pace today. Take the short track pics from yesterday and extend that rock garden for like 2 miles, that was the descent. WTF. no flow, no pedaling, no point. After my 3rd low speed drop the bike and land on my already bleeding knees crash I decided to call it a day. I had lost tons of time on the descent and was not having fun anymore. What a course. At least blue mountain is up next, I think even if I ate it and broke my arm blue mountain would still be a fun ride.
The most fun part of the day was joking around on the line with Topher and Harlan. The exchange went like this:
Harlan: (pointing to the Allesio brothers new prototype Fuji 650b bikes) Is that a PROTOTYPE 650b bike???Topher: NOOO it couldn't be...Topher: (pointing to his 29er wheel) dont worry we still have 2 inches on them.Harlan: (pointing to the retarded 185mm rotor on my wheel) but Mike has 1 inch on us, I didn't know this was the place for DH rotors.
Me: dude it came stock... why I don't know.

In other news, Lauren camped out in her chair in the feed zone was nearly killed by a sport class racer when he slid out of control on the gravel. His bike flew into Lauren's legs and nearly knocked her over. what a trooper.

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Lauren said...

Watching your races is arguably more dangerous than your rock garden descents. True story. TS-terror squad. I nearly died today by being pinned in my camp chair by an out of control Sport racer and his sliding bike. Ouch, betch.