Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Virgina Base Mile Extravaganza, capped with Chipolte and an MRI.

Did some sweet zone 2 base miles in virgina this weekend. The weather didn't suck, the dogs were easy to drop when they chased me, my SRM worked properly again. the below thunderstorm I got stuck in was not fun.

Story of the weekend, aside from the whole wedding thing, which was the real reason for the trip down...
Lauren and I dip off the highway to grab some food and take a break from the boring drive. We roll up to a pretty decent exit and quickly spot a Chick Fil A. Right as I park Lauren says "CHIPOLTE?!?!?!" without saying a word, I slowly put the car in reverse and drive across the street. We are no longer chipolte virgins.

MRI says I have a bone bruise on my right fibia. SWWWWEEEET. Better than a torn, well anything though. I'll take it.


Chris said...

doing the 100? you should come down to ride, it is truly the gnar. Bruised bones are ok to ride on ;)

Chris said...

I want to come up to get my life owned but i don't know, i need to get a car. It would give me some motivation to train for the rest of the year. That race is very awesome. The scale is so nice, i would get the 15 hands down, as mine came with a lot of eh-ish parts. The fork and frame are the best i've ever had. You have a carbon frame, but man, this thing is stiff and soaks up so much! the fork goes where you point it, not like a flexy SID and the geometry is spot on for racing. my email is downhill1234@aol.com