Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NMBS #5 Windham East Coast National.

I dont even know where to start on this one. Lauren and I drove up to Windham, NY Friday night. I felt pretty good. We arrived at the B&B (Catskill Lodge) which was dope, for a whopping 9 hour stay. Place was awesome, wish we would have stayed longer. Slept pretty well, woke up at 5, downed some coffee, ate some carbs. And drove over to the mountain.

I was pretty stressed about my bike, something I say something because I couldn't figure out WTF was wrong with it the Friday, was wrong with my rear wheel/ frame. The wheel was nearly touching the non drive chain stay. It was so close that if the wheel was in the dropouts all the way, it would rub... this is bad. Also any mud on the tire would then obviously cause tire rub... making me go even slower than I already do. I ghetto rigged it so that the wheel was not 100% set in the non drive side dropout... yeah I know... and prayed it would hold.
(Update it appeared to be a out of dish wheel) Bikeline hooked me up with a fix, ironic because one of their riders goes on to beat me later)

I pre rode the opening climb for like 20 minutes, I never felt normal, not spectacular but normal. Sat on the line for 10 minutes. I am not one to get really nervous while toeing start lines, but as I glanced at the Polar to start it with 15 seconds before the gun, I was holding 135 bpm HR... thats a bit high for standing still. Boom... gun goes off and I can't find my pedal for the first 5 cycles...
clip there it is... I grab 2nd wheel into the singletrack. I feel shaky, jittery almost. I try to ride into it as best I can. Somebody goes off the front... 5 minutes into the race, I chuckle and let them go. They come back... A bikeline rider takes the front, gets a solid 5 second gap on me... I couldn't respond to his attack. It was odd, I felt great on MY pace, but when forced to follow a wheel, I just couldnt get the leg speed going to match the pace momentarily. We climb up for 2 miles and its still a slight 5 second gap.

Now time for the descent... something I did not pre ride, suck at normally, and am fearful my frame cannot take in its fragile condition. First few single track sections go well, then I see some fire road across and down the ski mountain. It turns into a grass sweeping lefthander that you come into at around 30mph. I came in way too hot, got out of the line and was force to Tokyo drift with one leg hanging out for balance at 20+mph in wet grass to hold it....phew made it... go v brakes.

I took a feed from Lauren, 5 miles in now and approaching the climb again foo lap 2 of 3... start climbing at 180 to 185 bpm pace, which is probably super lt/ vo2 max. make it to the top of the climb and whooooaaa where did 3rd place come from... he goes right by, I cannot respond to the acceleration.. WTF. I descend down the hill trying to keep this thing tight. My pace has gone up considerably. The Bikeline guy is hurting he has come back a lot. Im watching the race in front of me now... while trying to bridge and or pick off the carnage of whoever loses that battle. The Bikeline guys gets gaped and on the last climb I try to get the 10 seconds I need back on him, but he holds me off. I descend back down the mountain the best I have of the 3 runs down and cross the line in 3rd... 24 seconds off the lead, 11 off 2nd. I feel like I could have done at least another lap at the same pace... The day was only a 90 minute race, which in my opinion was pretty short.

I wasn't thrilled with my finish but hey... next weekend is the weekend that counts. Lauren gets al the photo credits.

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Chris said...

thats awesome! rumor has it there is going to be no semi next year, so you better be prepared to go pro! I tried to find you after your race this weekend but had no luck. Congrats again, and see you around!