Friday, June 6, 2008

The CSC Manayunk Hillclimb.


The radiation from my monitor at work must have fried my brain today because at some point around 4pm I decided it would be a good idea to ride in to Manayunk to partake in the Hillclimb. For those of you that know about it, there is a really big friggin bike race this weekend in Philly. Badass pro's summit the "Wall" as it has been named 10 times before finishing up on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Thats a long friggin day. I am not badass enough to race Sunday, but like I said before, I decided to race the Amateur Hill Climb.

I rode in along the SRT at a nice zone 2 pace. I actually felt ok for being sick the other day. (Enter totally PRO excuse about coming off illness) I was one of the last people to start which was kind of cool. Lauren made it out from Devon to snap some shots and give my sorry ass a ride home... Here is the carnage.
Doesn't look too bad its only .4 miles long. 17% max gradient. 200 foot rise in .38 miles is avg of 10% even with the flat part at the bottom.

This is where I said "Oh crap"

Several seconds later.

This is a good view of the steepness of this section...

I am smiling because I have not seen my power file yet. Started out awesome... and died, right at about a 1:12. suffered for maybe 8 seconds then hardened up and "sprinted" in...542w for 1:44. 13.2 mph avg. At my weight, thats not too bad. In the grand scheme of things, apparently I still suck because I only managed 4th. oh well.

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