Monday, June 16, 2008

Campmor H2H Darkhorse Gallop

So here was the plan for the weekend: Drive to NY Friday Night, Preride Race Course Saturday Morning, Race Sunday, Go home.
Heres what happened... Drive to Ny Friday Night, have AC compressor die in Jeep going up 95. Find place to get car fixed Saturday, waste entire day. Ride in some craptactular trails across street from parents house, these trails rocked when I was 13... not so much anymore. Sunday, show up to race... no idea what course is like.
Whatever. I have always liked racing at this venue (Stewart) its fast, and fun. Historically I have either crashed out or done pretty well.
The race started with a ~2 mile pro log with a prem at the top of a long dirt road climb. I got a solid start and was riding second wheel. Stewart, along with Farmington, are one of the few places you can draft in an mtb race. I made a few smart bumps when people started to attack in the single and was able to maintain second wheel. I originally had no intention of going for the prem, I just wanted to maintain a good position as not to get caught in traffic when we hit the real narrow stuff. Well I hit the base off the hill and the guy I was drafting off pulls off the front. I look back and it doesnt look as if anyone is too eager to challenge me. I put a little burst in and nobody follows. I tempo up the hill and grab the prem cash. This leads me to the singletrack with a hr in the 190's I slow up and start to recover. One rider comes around a minute later we start to descend and he washes out a corner and makes a crazy sideways bike in the air out of the pedals save. After 15 minutes we were down to a group of 3. The MTBNYC guy, a Bethel Cycles Rider and me. Im leading. At the base of the first climb the Bethel rider goes. I chase and we drop the MTBNYC rider. After about a minute I start to blow up, i look down and i see 198 on the heart rate monitor... oops. time to let up. I start to side stitch and know that I just gave up a nice gap to first. Maybe I went out a bit fast.
I rode my own race from there. I wasnt feeling fresh enough to try and bridge back up. Call it one part my cold hanging around, one part stress from the day before, one part the intervals from the previous week sticking in my legs and one part some serious form from the Bethel rider... whatever it was it equal to a 2nd place finish and some cash money to waste at the most awesome beer store ever on the way home.

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