Sunday, May 18, 2008

Union Grove Road Race.

So my last attempt at the Red Rose race series took a large chunk of my faith in road racing and snapped it like a certain Slipstream Chipolte riders chain

So back to the race I got a shiny new Cat 4 upgrade I was itching to use. It was 65, sunny, with a bit of wind. We were to do 7, 4.75 mile laps for a total of ~33 miles. sweet. My SRM is back from the dead too and measuing with a new found accuracy.
Down to numbers: AVG w for each lap/ AVG heartrate / Normalized avg power.
Lap 1: 259/183/ 294
Lap 2: 239/177/ 288
Lap 3: 237/177/ 275
Lap 4: 234/174/ 282

Lap 5: 214/164/ 250
Lap 6: 214/162/ 259
Lap 7: 283/179/ 326
Lap one saw an early break of one or two riders. We took a lap to bring them in. The middle laps were spikey, with lots of quick little sprints for position out of corners. I hit my max wattage for the day somehwere pulling out of a corner. I had to put in one effort to sit on an attack somewhere in there too. Lap 5 was technically the slowest, but 6 felt like crawling. In hindsight this would have been a fun time to go an attack. Lap 7 was in a word, insane. I managed to keep good position toward the front ten or so riders. I stayed on the fast lines on corners, stayed out of the open air in the windy straight onthe backside of the course. I did almost overcook a corner in the last 2 miles or so. fun. My last CP20 test was 310 w indoors. In the last 5 minutes on the bell lap we held 350 avg. This is higg VO2 max/ sub maximal wattage for me. The last minute I pulled 450w. It didnt feel as hard as the numbers suggest, although my face while crossing the line would show differently. I still have no sprint however. I rode across the line in 9th after a very smooth, stable race. There was to my knowledge only one crash a few riders behind me in the last 200 meters.

Lauren gets the photo credit.

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