Saturday, April 26, 2008

I do not have to do the Ephrata Road Race ever again.

Strasburg, great race, Kirkwood, ok race... Ephrata, everything a road race should NOT be.

First problem... flat, I dont need to say much more, we all know I am a climber. Non selective courses ususally suck...

Second Problem, People who cannot ride in a straight line. 2 miles in a rider clipped my back wheel derailleur deep and took out himself and by my estimate of the cursing, skidding ans clanking, 5 to 10 others.

Third problem, Idiots. Letting a Cat 4 go with a lap left, is not a good idea. Letting his teammate sit on the front and control the pace is even dumber. Do some work or go home.

After I was boxed out for the sprint prior to the last turn (it kind of sucks to be at 700w and hit a wall of people moving backwards while the paceline two over is moving by you like you are walking) I decided sprinting for 30th was not in my days plan, Farmington is tomorrow and I was only here to get my last race in for my upgrade. Apparently, an unnamed rider, who had been riding a little erratically all race decided the race for 29th was as important as the race for the podium. As he crossed the finish line, head down panting like a rabid dog, he forgot to look for the slowing riders in front of him, rammed one in the back and flipped head first over his bars, landing on his back. I couldnt help but watch in disgust. Let it be learned, you ride like an idiot, you will meet the ground at some point. My face and thumbs up pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. Goodbye Cat 5... Hello Cat 4. I pray its better.

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