Monday, April 28, 2008

Farmington Winding Trails Root 66... more fist pumping.

I had such a craptacular day Saturday... there was a point where I sat in the car after Ephrata and debated which button on the GPS to push, Brewster or Devon. Luckily I pressed Brewster or I would have missed a sick race. I was surprised by how dry it was at the course. I usually hope for poor conditions at Farmington as the fast flat out nature of the course does not suit my riding style. A typical Farmington race for me goes like this: Start, redline, fail to match series of first attacks, fall back, ride tempo to finish. Today was different, in that I was the one attacking. From lap 2 of 4 on I started surging until I finally broke the group I was in. Note to self, intervals actually work. The course was so much fun too, this place is usually a lot of double track, but this course had tons of singletrack.
Lauren delivered 3 superb feeds... and Mom and Dad came out to watch too. It was a good day on the whole.

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