Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kirkwood RR: Learning is fun...

I am by no measure of term a road racer. I have yet to figure out how to hide, when do do the work, when to sit in, when to chase, when to wait... but I think I am figuring it out, slowly. So the SRM actually worked well today lets take a look at some scenarios:

The setup: 7 mile circuit. rectangle shaped, 3miles of downhill tailwind, some turns, followed by 2.5 miles of uphill/rolling 20 mph headwind.

First lap, neutral easy as usual, a couple of surges out of turns, no big deal.

Second lap, nothing special until we hit the headwind. we literally slowed to 11 at times. Here is where I got bored... Afraid we were going way way to easy, I went off the front to make at least somebody do some work.

The first spike is my initial solo effort, the second is where I was joined by two chasers, the drop off is where I sat back in. Hoping to take a few seconds to rest out of the wind, another attack went off, I let it go until I realized it had become a group of 10 or so, maybe 7 of which had placed in the top 15 in the Strasburg race. This was bad... I missed the break going into the last lap... Time to bridge up. Not fun.

Well I got back in the main bunch, with 7 miles to go we organized a pace line, or at least the something relatively comparable to one. Wound up for the cluster f of the sprint and took 5th... not horrible but I was really hoping for something I could get into a break on. without the headwind this would have been an ideal course.

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Lauren said...

I would like to add how ridiculously COLD and WINDY this race was. Gusty winds the entire time, but full-on headwind for the last 2.5 miles of the lap (where I stood the entire hour+). I can't imagine how impossible that final sprint must've felt... Literally watched people just give up. It was painful to watch (both for the riders and for myself). I know you always strive for the best, Mike, but I was thrilled with 5th place in this race - especially given the constraints. Not to mention that you caught the group that started over 5 minutes before you. That was baller. I'm proud of you as always, and am your number one ridiculous cheerleader/photographer.