Saturday, March 22, 2008

Its cold in NY.

Drive up to NY from Devon yesterday... the back of the car looked like a Cat5 race... bike parts flying everywhere... nothing like the sound of a carbon seat smashing against wheels while rounding corners.

Being in Philly all winter has certainly had its perks. I have been able to get outside almost every weekend either with Cadence or on my own. I got out with a few members of my team this morning and rode the Unionvale Road Race loop. First off, awesome race course. Long long hill, maybe 700 feet over 2.5 miles as the finish climb. This is my kind of effort, nice steady effort of a solid duration. Should prove for an interesting finish come June. I would have posted a power file but my SRM decided to have a spaz attack and read way way high zero offsets... worked fine as soon as I got home... wtf.

Back to the original point of this post... its cold here and Im a sissy bitching. Lauren had the right idea, she rode the trainer in the garage... I dont blame her.

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