Friday, March 21, 2008

First post; a race report. Legal Sandbagging.

So I have decided to do what all the bad ass cyclists do; start a blog about my racing exploits in hopes that more than just myself and maybe my fiancee will read it.

I did the Strasburg Road Race in Strasburg, PA last weekend. Ahhh road racing... there is just something about it that XC mountain bike racing cannot touch. There have been XC races where I have literally been alone for an hour, in the grey area between two other riders, forced to time trial out of the woods. XC type racing allows you to focus on you most of the time, with emphasis on clearing obstacles, not dying literally or figuratively, and pacing.
Enter Road Racing... specifically on a no selective course like Strasburg. Here is the itemized recap of events:
Warm up. This is difficult because it is overcast and 40.
Pre race bio break.
Troubleshoot brand new SRM power meter. (Dead Battery) Apparently 8 hours left is the new 0.
Learn that a dead battery in an SRM will allow it to show a "Dead Battery" screen, but cease all other functionality... the clock even stops counting.
Start in the 2nd to last row of racers... not good.
Slow neutral start allows me to move up and gain a better position in the pack.
2/4 laps go on Mini break... gave it a little gas up the only hill on the course. Got gap, waited to be joined by 3 others. dangled for a mile or so... fell back in.
3rd lap, rested a bit, nothing too exciting.
Bell Lap: Here's the fun. Sat in top 10 to 15. @ 1 k to go lined up on the front, a lead out develops, I cut in, another teams rider pulls me to about 400 to go I take off for the line... knowing now would be the time to unleash my furious 12 year old girl sized sprint... I am overtaken by 3 other riders and take 4th in the 4/5 race... yes the 4/5 race... I may be a Podium Expert XC racer, but apparently I have to race 10 Cat 5 races before I can move up... sweet, its like legal sandbagging...

The next RR is on a more selective course with a longer hill. We will see how that goes. I would have loved to see the SRM data for this one.

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